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Caroline’s story is a true testimony in the power of prayer. I learned of Caroline’s story when my daughter’s Pre-K teacher shared her post accident status update via Facebook. I followed her story and learned she was a teen who had suffered a traumatic brain injury from a skateboard fall in the summer of 2017, July 4th to be exact. My first thought was my 14 year old daughter (13 at the time) riding as a passenger on a motorized scooter without a helmet. I immediately shared the story with her and told her not to ride unless a helmet was worn. Of course, her response was “helmets are ugly” and “I’m going to look stupid” but thankfully she has done what I’ve asked of her.

A few months later, Caroline’s mom posted a “First Day of Senior Year” picture of Caroline sitting in her hospital bed. I was compelled to reach out to her mom, being that I specialize in senior portraits. In November, I had the privilege of capturing Caroline along with her best friend, Frances, who was at the scene of the accident. These two girls have a friendship that will make your heart smile. I loved everything about them! Meeting and photographing Caroline reminded me of how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken when we least expect it. Being able to give this family memories of their beautiful fighter is one of the reasons I love what I do!

A few fun facts:

Favorite songs: Video Games by Lana Del Rey | Swear To God The Devil Made Me Do It by The Front Bottoms | Brick By Boring Brick by Paramore

Favorite movie: Salt

Favorite candy: Buncha Crunch

Favorite subject: Theoretical Science & Art because both are open to interpretation and fun to learn.

Future plans: Pursue a degree in Magazine Photojournalism

Describe your style: Skater, Casual, Cool

To read more about Caroline’s story click on the links below:

FB Page: Praying for Caroline

Caroline’s Blog Post: A Life in the Day of Cara – It Could Never Happen to Me

Makeup by: Jessa Davis – Beautiful Brides Atlanta

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Hope you are enjoying the cooler temps so far! As we’ve recently made the transition from summer to fall, it’s also time to start transitioning accessories in your closet. For starters, be sure to top things off with a trendy slouchy fedora, it never goes out of style. Hats are simple and chic yet it makes such a statement for your look. Fedoras can be worn with dresses or jeans, which makes a great piece to wear during your portrait session. Check out the links below for some stylish hat finds to bring to your photoshoot!

Anthropologie – New Fall Hats

Nordstrom- Floppy Hats

Free People – Fedoras and More

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The carefree days of summer are almost over and it’s time for “Back to School”! Now is the time to gear up with strategies, tools and resources that will set a solid foundation for your entire year! Yes, making the transition back to school can be difficult but these are simple strategies that almost anyone can do.

Here are a few of my own personal back to school tips:

  • Be happy and smile.
  • Always stick to your values.
  • Know that you matter regardless of what everyone is doing.
  • Keep a journal with tons of photos.
  • Last but not least, if you’re a rising Senior, contact me to book your senior portraits. You’re only a Senior once!

Here’s to a great school year! Congratulations to all rising Class of 2018 Seniors!

Below are links to videos to help you get organized:

Note taking tips by Haley Cairo (video)

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Hello! Hello! How is your summer going so far? Great, I hope! Summer is usually a good time to try a new sport, read a good book, volunteer for academic enrichment or recharge and relax! Don’t let planning your summer become stressful, just breathe, release and repeat. You’ll get through it! Whatever you’re doing, enjoy it and soak up some sun before it’s gone!

The sites below have some really cool ideas to beat summer boredom! Be sure to check them out:-)

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Free Things To Do In Atlanta

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Long ago, skirts were considered business attire, but have now become the new go to item in your closet for multiple occasions. Take a look at these skirt style trends that make a bold statement for outfit ideas as we enter into the last few weeks of spring. From graphic prints, embellishments at the hip, mixed fabrics to ballerina skirts, all can be pieced together with a cute top & pair of shoes that fit your style.

SENIORS! A bold, edgy skirt would definitely rock your photo shoot!

Check out the articles below for ideas on how to style your skirt for your session:

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